Marketing Options

Cash Sale

Western Livestock Marketing Solutions is available to provide a competitive cash bid on immediate delivery cattle of all classes. WLMS can provide a competitive bid and will work with producers to arrange delivery around their convenience and optimizing freight costs. Lowering costs and improving your margin is an attainable process dealing with Western Livestock Marketing Solutions. We work directly with Packers and feedlots to be able to bid you directly on your livestock. We work directly with a fleet of trucks going back to Alberta and can arrange lower cost freight and minimize feed costs which have to be taken off the sales price through the auction process. Working together directly with buyers in Alberta and you we can reduce costs, reduce stress on the cattle, make life convenient, and pay a competitive price on the spot; at delivery.

Forward Contract

Western Livestock Marketing Solutions is available to work with producers to create a marketing strategy in the forward markets. This new service now available to both cow/calf producers and yearling operators in British Columbia involves reviewing all options for managing the marketing of your cattle. This includes assessing all market factors to determine what cattle may be worth for forward delivery. This includes, Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP), the futures markets, the currency markets, historical review of pricing relationships and all other information at our disposal. Together we can determine a strategy and work together so when the stars align and the desired price is achievable, YOU GET THE PRICE YOU WANT!

The Electronic Auction Market

TEAM is the gold standard in exposing your cattle to every major buyer in Western Canada. Together Western Livestock Marketing Solutions and TEAM will work together to provide the greatest level of service offered in the province. When deciding how to market your cattle via an auction it pays to get the best bang for your dollar, that means exposure. Logic dictates if you can have every feedlot in the country logged in to bid on your cattle the results will be superior to that of the local auction market. We can not only describe the cattle, take pictures and sort the cattle with the greatest amount of professionalism and expertise; we will support your sale by personally calling upon our clients and bid on your cattle directly to help ensure a great experience. Along with listing cattle we can help advise when to sell, and what conditions will help sell the cattle the best. We look forward in working for you.