About Us

Western Livestock Marketing Solutions Ltd. Is a business established to help cattlemen in the province to market their cattle.  Historically in the province there has been 2 livestock auctions that have served the producers well.  With the closure of one there needed to be a solution which served producers marketing needs.  WLMS was created to provide options to producers, which lower costs, provides greater service, and is ultimately here to help producers improve profitability.  Greater profitability will be realized through customized service from an experienced management team that understands their needs and provides solutions through their marketing channels in Canada and the United States.  WLMS is committed to bringing its customers value through integrity, innovation, and market access customized to their needs.

Marketing Options

Cash Sale

Western Livestock Marketing Solutions is available to provide a competitive cash bid on immediate delivery cattle of all classes. Lowering costs and providing a competitive bide while making your life easier is our objective.

Forward Contract

There is no need to wait at the mercy of the market when you want to sell your cattle.  Working with Western Livestock Marketing Solutions you can create a strategy to market your cattle at any time you choose.  You can be in control of when and at what price you receive.

Electronic Auction Market

Nothing provides greater exposure of your cattle to potential buyers than the internet.  Western Livestock Marketing Solutions is a rep for TEAM and can provide everything the producer needs to know.  WLMS can make this an easy experience and help achieve great results.

Our Locations

1515 Pleasant Valley Road

1321 Hook Road Kamloops

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1515 Pleasant Valley Road – Near Old Valley Auction Location

1321 Hook Road Kamloops – Near B.C. Livestock